Hermetic MagicKa – The Alchemical Secret

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For centuries, Hermetic alchemists have been searching for the elusive Philosopher’s Stone. Many believe that this is the key to unlocking unlimited wealth and power. In this video, we will explore the real alchemical secret.

The real secret of alchemy is the transmutation of consciousness. The ancient Egyptians were a highly spiritual people who believed in the afterlife and in the power of magic. This video will look at some of the most important hermetic symbols from ancient Egyptian magic. These symbols hold the key to the alchemical secret of the Great Work!

“The Egyptians associated their quest for immortality with stars and with the sun. Following the death of the Pharaoh, “ba unites with ka, becomes a star, and sails across the sky in the company of Ra, in his boat of millions of years.” – John Anthony West

In this riveting two-part series, “The Great Work” and “Magical Egypt,” John Anthony West takes us on a journey to uncover the mysteries of ancient Egypt. West believes that the ancients possessed knowledge that has been lost over time. He was determined to find out what this knowledge was and how it can be used to improve our lives today. In “The Great Work,” West tells the story of his own personal journey and how it led him to discover the secrets of ancient Egypt. In “Magical Egypt,” he provides detailed information about his findings, including diagrams and photos. If you are interested in learning more about ancient Egyptian wisdom or improving your life, these two documentaries are definitely worth watching!

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