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The 10 Most Evil Women Rulers In History

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When we think of a brutal or a leader or a dictator, most of us would think it is pretty obvious that trait or character is associated with the male gender. However, women have in the past proven that power and brutality have nothing to do with gender.

The history of women and leadership goes way back even though some communities were initially against women taking up such positions.

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In some countries the rise of empowered women who were confident to step up as rulers began as early and had been normalized within the first 10 years of the 21st Century

Over the years, women have been perceived as nurtures and peacemakers but this does not cut across the entire female species. Some have shown such a brutal character when they are in power or during times of war.

Here is a list of the evilest women rulers in History.

Empress Julia Agrippina of Rome

People knew her as the Empress of poison. Julia murdered her own husband by poisoning and it is on record that she got rid of all the men in her life including attempts to kill her own son.

After poisoning her husband, Julia got married to her uncle Emperor Claudius whom she also killed. Before executing her evil plan, Julia convinced Emperor Claudius to adopt her son Nero and name him the successor.

Julia ruled in her son’s name who was still a teenager at that time. Empress Agrippina of Rome was later banished and executed by her son Nero after she made several attempts to kill her.

Warrior Queen Zenobia of Palmira

She is known as the warrior queen of the middle east; a title she earned after conquering Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and other provinces.

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Queen Zenobia had a strong army and she once went against the Roman Empire by personally leading her army into war. Her army was destroyed in Antioch by a Roman leader Aurelius and was taken in as prisoner which led her to commit suicide.

Empress Wu Zetian of China

For 4000 years, Imperial China had only one female ruler. This record was dissolved after a Cultural Revolution by Chairman Mao.

Her evil deeds were that she killed her sister, brother, her lover, Emperor Gaozong and her own daughter who was in the line of succession to the throne.

She did not spare anyone who threatened her reign including children and grandchildren. She got rid of them by taking them to exile or executing them.

Queen Tamara of Georgia

Being a saint and a church person, we might have thought that Queen Tamara of Georgia was holier than thou. However, history tells a different narrative.

Tamara was a saint of the Georgian Orthodox Church and she took over her father’s throne after his death in 1184 AD. She murdered all clerics who questioned her ruling and replaced them with lawyers.

The queen also banished her husband; Russian Prince Yuri who was an excellent military commander for being a womanizer.

Queen Elizabeth I of Spain

The wicked queen of Spain manifested her brutal character after she began a campaign to purify her country.

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Together with her husband Ferdinand, Queen Elizabeth reinstating Catholicism as the supreme religion of Spain. Jews and Muslims were killed or banished if they failed to convert.

Queen Mary I of England

There is a belief that the wicked never go unpunished and this statement is proved by Queen Mary’s history. Mary became ruler of England after the death of her brother King Edward.

As a staunch and extremist Roman Catholic, she burned 300 protestants and ordered others to be exiled. Years later, Karma caught up with her and although she got married to King Philip of Spain, Mary could not conceive an heir and she later died of ovarian cancer.

Countess Elizabeth Bathory of Hungary

She was one of the feared rulers and believed to be untouchable because she hailed from a distinguished family.

She was charged with the murder of several women and she reportedly used to bath in their blood with a strange belief that this could help her maintain her youth.

Her crimes ended in 1610 when she found herself on the wrong side of the nobles and it was discovered that she used to kidnap, torture and kill their daughters. This led to her prosecution and imprisonment in a castle where she was later found dead.

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