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Why Ancient Egyptians Loved Cats So Much?

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Cats are very special beings. In fact, they are so unique that people have been loving them for centuries. In ancient Egypt, cats enjoyed the status of gods.

Ancient Egyptians worshipped many animals but cats were ultimate favorites. They loved dogs as well, and they appreciated them for their ability to hunt and protect, but for cats, they hold different beliefs.

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They believed that cats were special, and in a way magical creatures, capable of bringing people luck, but only to those people who housed them.

Cats Ruled in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians actually honored these animals for years. They were treasured pets.

Rich families would dress them in jewels and fed them only with the best food. They were even mummified upon their death.

The cat owners would even shave off their eyebrows. They would continue to mourn until their eyebrows grew back.

Cats were so much loved, that anyone who would harm them or kill them by accident, would be sentenced to death.

But… Why Did They Loved Them So Much?

The root of this love lies in Egyptian mythology. They believed that gods and goddesses had different powers.

As such, they could transform themselves into differnet animals. Only one of the gods, the goddess named Bastet, had the power to become a cat.

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Bastet was a goddess of the home, women’s secret, fertility, cats, childbirth, and domesticity. She had a protective role.

Her main duty was to protect the hoem from evil spirits and disease, especially diseases associated with children and women.

As such, she was loved by many. Ancient Egyptians believed that her traits could only be transformed into a cat.

Cats were also all-round workers, and they spend their time protecting the corps and slow the spread of disease by killing rodents. All in, they were adored for their traits and fluffiness.

Cats actually saved civilization from starvation and disease. Cats were real family members and they enjoyed protecting their homes.

If you are a feline owner and someone tells you that your cat acts as if she was a goddess, tell them that they had a royal treatment from the early days.

Some feline owners would go so far and tell that the civilization as we know it might have never survived without cats.

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